Cycle 2 Schedule

Cycle One: Sept. 23, 2019- Dec. 19, 2019
DROP/ADD: Sept. 23- Sept. 27
Cycle Two: Jan. 6, 2020- Mar. 27, 2020
DROP/ADD: Jan. 6- Jan. 10
Cycle Three: Mar. 31, 2020- June 5, 2020
DROP/ADD: Mar. 31- Apr. 3

 We do our best to honor the first or second color schedule selections. In the event that a color is not available, we do our best to place students among friends.
*DROP/ADD lasts 3-5 days from the start of each cycle. After which no other color changes will be accommodated.

Description of Enrichment classes

Physical Activity, Health and Fitness

  • Ultimate Frisbee-Learn the fundamentals of Frisbee, how to throw, play and just have a good time.

  • Sports/Recreation-various large group games including catch the flag, dodge ball, and many more.

  • Pickle Ball-learn the fundamentals of Pickle Ball including game rules, how to hold the racket and hit the ball to how to volley and keep score.

  • Gaga Ball-The students go gaga for Gaga Ball. Play this organized “dodge ball” type game that is safe because the ball stays on the floor. “Ga-Ga-Ball”!

Art/Leisure Games/Recreation/Crafts

  • Art-Create, sculpt, paint and draw using various art mediums.

  • Board Game Mania-play a variety of board games with friends including old favorite like Connect4, scrabble and bingo and so much more.

  • 60 Seconds or Less- Minute to Win it games and challenges both individually and for the team.

  • Sewing-learn the basics of sewing and embroidery by hand.

  • Friendship Bracelets/Crafts-Kind is Cool at Miller. Make friendship bracelets to share with others while discussing the characteristics of being a friend and choosing friends.


  • Little Bits-Students will snap together magnetic “bits” or electronic building blocks. Students will imagine robotics and bring them to life.

  • Makey Makey-Students will use play-doh and electrodes to create, code and build circuits.

  • Coding-students will learn the basics of Scratch Coding, create an avatar and more.

  • CAD Camp-The possibilities are limitless with what CAD will be used for in the future, and CAD Camp prepares students by teaching them Computer-Aided Design program fluency through project-based activities and challenges.

  • Maker Space-Students will be engaged with various hands on maker activities including SnapCircuits, LEGOs, and various science activities.

  • TinkerCad/3D Printing-Students will learn the basics of TinkerCad and work on various challenges to be printed in 3D.


  • LEGO Brick Lab- Aligned with 4th and 5th grade science, social studies and math  standards, students will build various structures based on concepts learned in class... including geometric shapes and land masses.

  • Keva Planks-Students who play with blocks do better in math and science. Keva Planks allow student to be creative while constructing various structures from Keva challenge cards or from their imagination.

  • Crime Scene Investigation-This forensic science class focuses on children practicing science inquiry skills: asking meaningful questions they can investigate and developing explanations based on their evidence and observations. Students will learn what it takes to be a crime scene investigator. Includes fingerprinting, hair analysis, evidence collection and more.

  • The Human Body- The Science of the Human Body dives into the basics of bodily functions such as the mechanics of movement, senses like sight and sound, the balance of internal systems working together and automatic responses to the external world. Students learn the wonders of the body with activities like running for one minute, measuring heart rate and calculating approximately how much energy was expended. In addition, students learn the importance of refueling the body with proper nutrition after physical activities.

  • Aerodynamics-Students will participate in hands-on flight-based activities and explore hot air balloons, parachutes, gliders, planes, helicopters and rockets, all while examining abstract physics concepts such as energy conservation, buoyancy and the four forces of flight.


  • TV Production-Students will take on various roles of a TV Production Crew by filming, editing and writing scripts.

  • ASPIRE New Letter-Students will learn the various types of writing and create a newsletter for parents.

  • Reader’s Theater-students will explore public speaking while reading aloud various skits and plays.

  • Mango Math Games-Board games anyone? These math games are based on the 4th and 5th grade standards. Students can choose one of 30 board games and play alone or with friends.

  • Comics and Heroes-Students will explore the pop culture of comics and heroes from around the world. Students will create their own comic hero and storyline.

  • American Sign Language- (ASL) is a complete, natural language that has the same linguistic properties as spoken languages. Students will learn basic letters, commands, and a song.

  • Too Good Character Education and SEL-Through a variety of positive, age-appropriate activities including games, stories, and songs, Too Good reinforces basic concepts including decision making, goal setting, and conflict resolution among others.