Miller Applauds Respectful Students


August 2017


Dear Miller Students,


On behalf of the teachers and staff, I would like to welcome you to the Dr. Joyanne D. Miller Elementary School. We are all looking forward to a new and exciting school year! Whether you are new to the building or Miller was your home last year, you are guaranteed to have a great and memorable experience. You will meet new teachers, make new friends, and also learn many new things.




You are a part of the Miller family; and as a family we respect, help, and encourage one another. The most important thing to remember is that you are in school to learn and create great memories along the way. Our theme this year is “Mission to Mars (M.A.R.S) #millerisoutofthisworld.”  Miller is such an exciting place to call home; that is difficult for some to leave! We expect all of our students to do their very best. When I was your age my mom said to me, “Nothing beats a failure, but a try.” If you put effort into “trying” to learn new things, you will!


Each year, I ask every student to refer to our Miller Student Excellence Kit below which includes various positive characteristics we are looking for our students to display.


Student Excellence Kit:

Honesty         Inspiration         Citizenship         Care

Integrity         Motivation         Bravery         Knowledge

Perseverance         Respect        Creativity        Harmony

Responsibility     Compassion        Determination     Attitude


What’s happening at Miller School this year?

1.      Dr. Kimberly Gruccio is our new school Superintendent!

2.      Mrs. Day is the 4th grade Assistant Principal and Mr. Kahn is the 5th grade Assistant Principal.

3.      New Staff – (Main Office) Mrs. Roman and Mrs. Warker, (Grade 4) Ms. Jernee and Ms. Wollermann, (Music) Mrs. Donchey

4.      Josten’s Renaissance Student and Staff Recognition Program returns to Miller School

5.      A few of our homeroom teams have changed:

‚ÄčTeam 1 (Green downstairs)                                              Team 2
 (Green upstairs)

Cottelli(Math/Science)                                                     Girard (Math/Science)

*McClain (Math/Science)                                                Nhan (Math/Science)

Catania (Math/Science)                                                  Grassi (Math/Science)

Kerstetter (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                             Gross (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Hillesheim (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                           Costello (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Martin (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                                  Iannelli (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

*Accelerated Math                                                 



Team 3 (Orange downstairs)                                         Team 4 (Orange upstairs)

Hart (Math/Science)                                                        Ulland (Math/Science)

Scalley (Math/Science)                                                    Andrews (Math/Science)

Schmidbauer (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                        Baldwin (Math/Science)

Gross (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                                    Palmieri (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Hermes and Weber (All subjects)                                  Reinoso (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

                                                                                          Farmer (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)       


Team 5 (Purple downstairs)                                             Team 6 (Purple upstairs)

Biren (Math/Science)                                                     Crossman (Math/Science)

Conley (Math/Science)                                                 *Reider (Math/Science)

Sutor (Math/Science)                                                     Papaycik (Math/Science)

Li (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                                         Chishko (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Wollermann (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                       Irwin, J. (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Biggins (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                               Berenotto (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                                                                                                                            *Accelerated Math


Team 7 (Blue downstairs)                                             Team 8 (Blue upstairs)

Cortese (Math/Science)                                                 DeNicola (Math/Science)

Shanteau (Math/Science)                                              Jernee (Math/Science)

Kusnirik (Math/Science)                                              Cirillo (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Campbell (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                           Bower (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Foshcini (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                             Edwards (All subjects)

Bridgers (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)                             Irwin, D. (All subjects)


Special Education Teachers

D. Irwin, Weber, Falco, Hermes, Edwards (All subjects)

Sheridan, Costantino, Szalku, Marco, Giacinto, McNish, Hoffecker, Legowski, Ims (ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES)

Williams, Narkunski, Russ, Corcoran, Clark, Menchaca, DeRosa, Cummings (MATH/SCIENCE)


Title I Teachers

Higbee, Capriotti, Reilly, Mack (ELA)

Calascione, Elwood (MATH)


6.      Our 4th and 5th graders will participate in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing in Spring2018.

7.      We have several new and continuing programs/classroom strategies this year in an effort to increase student achievement in ELA and Math!

-All ELA teachers will also teach Social Studies.

 THE DAILY 5 and CAFÉ – All classrooms will use this classroom strategy in ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES and possibly MATH.


Miller Applauds Respectful Students


- Use of Edulastic in all ELA and MATH classrooms to collect and analyze data for all trimester assessments continues.

- MAP (Master Academic Plan) for English Languages Arts will be implemented in every grade 4 and grade 5 ELA classroom.

- Hispanohablantes continues for selected Spanish-speaking students – grade 5 only.

- Accelerated Math continues this year on Team 1 and Team 6 (McClain and Reider)

- EnVision is our math textbook for grade 4 and grade 5

- “Math Big Ideas” in 5th grade for Accelerated Math students only

- Maker Spacers continues in the Library with Mrs. Alleva

- SOAR (Students. Obtaining. Academic. Rewards) Enrichment continues!

- New after school program begins this year. All students will be considered for this program.

- Ms. Potter’s “Book of the Month” begins this year! More information to come!


8.      All class supply list are available online. Please visit your classroom teacher’s website for your supply list. If you do not have internet access, please visit your grade level main office.  


I’m looking forward to seeing our returning 5th graders, and I’m very excited to meet our 4th graders as well.  I have an open door policy should you ever need to speak with me.


Again, Welcome Back to the 2017-2018 school year! I wish all of you an exciting, fun-filled, safe school year! Students, as you enter the building on the first day of school, I’d like each of you to make a commitment to being a positive example in the classroom, on the school bus, in the hallway, and also at home.


Our student handbook is available online. Please review our handbook carefully as this will enable you to have a successful and rewarding school year.  Parents can find more details about district policies online on the district website


Your Principal,

Ms. Potter